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“Livi Design’s mission is to deliver simple, sustainable technology that is accessible to everyone.”

Livi Design was founded in Edmonton, Canada by John Andrus in 2010. The company’s focus is on bringing products to market that simplify the consumer’s life and provides a better and more human experience with technology. We are currently working with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to bring our vision of the Casetop to market later in 2014.

Edmonton Journal – “For people who are older, it makes for a much larger screen interface so they can really get into what they’re reading without having to take out reading glasses”“It is an outstanding invention that can literally turn all (well, nearly) smart phones into a laptop easily and anywhere.” – “…as an accessory to your mobile device this could last you far longer than any mobile phone and therefore the investment across time will be a very reasonable one.” – “The best part? It’s 30-hour battery actually charges your phone while it’s connected.” – “Using a standard connection like HDMI means you don’t have to stay with one platform.” – “While other companies like Motorola have tried to do the same thing, this one is proving to be very different from its competitors.”

AndroidAuthority – “If you want to turn your phone into a laptop, this Kickstarter project just might make your dream come true…” – “One of the really great things about it is that it works with virtually every smartphone on the market.”

WordPress Daily – “This combined with the growth of good Word Processing application for mobile OSs means that the Casetop can turn your phone into a long battery life, quite, mobile blogging platform quick and easy to use on the go.”

Digital Trends – “At just 0.8-inch thick when closed, with an 11.1-inch 720p LCD non-touch screen, and a “Frontbar” that slides neatly into the keyboard, the Casetop is a compact dock for your smartphone.”

Gizmag – “Usefully, if someone wants to use your Casetop, all they need do is slide in their smartphone and away they go – no risk of deleting your files or downloading questionable content.”

PSFK – “If someone else wants to use the Casetop, you can just slide their phone in without worrying about deleting files or disrupting personal settings.”

InfoOomph – “With the 30 hour battery life that actually charges your phone, working remotely is not just an option, it’s going to become your second nature”

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John Andrus

John Andrus

Founder, Product Development


John Andrus is a designer who seeks to create usable and obvious technology for all users. His passion drives him to seek out and fix areas that are unhuman in their interfaces, challenges and assumptions.

John has worked with computers professionally for over ten years and is currently focusing his passion for ‘solving-problems-simply’ to the mobile industry.

Albert Leung

Albert Leung

Business Development & Operations


Albert holds a MSc from the University of Alberta. Currently, he is finishing his MBA in technology commercialization.

Albert is passionate about new technologies and bringing new products to market. Over the last year while in his MBA, Albert has worked with TCP, a technology commercialization company based in Edmonton.

Henry Choy

Henry Choy

Director of Finance & Records


Henry is one of Alberta’s first Industry trained Chartered Accountants. Livi Design is the second technology start-up that Henry has provided financial consulting for. He has also worked as a professional accountant in the telecom, oil and gas, and mining industry.