March 20th, 2015 – Please check out our facebook page for more updates!

Greetings from the Livi Design Team!

We know that you are anxious to get your hands on your Casetop. We are happy to let you know that we have finished the design and have tested the core technical components of the Casetop.

Just to quickly summarize, our production product development plan has three phases:

(1) Phase one is the internal components design and internal layout which includes all the technical components such as the display board and batteries.
(2) Phase two is the design of the outer case and completed layout of the pieces.
(3) Phase three is manufacturing setup to produce the final units that will be delivered to your hands. This phase also includes packaging and instructions.

Over the course of the months since our last update, we have redesigned and upgraded key components such as the custom display board to use eDP and incorporation of a larger battery to keep up with the evolution of technology. Newer technology is always better and our old technology was based on the outgoing and dated standard LVDS, which we have since replaced with the very new eDP (or embedded Display Port). These upgrades to the design has delayed the Casetop by a little bit but given the cost and quality, it will make a much better product in the end. This is something we feel is important at Livi Design.

So, when will you get your Casetop. Phase one will be completed before Christmas and we hope that phase two will be completed in the first quarter of 2015. This means we should be able to setup manufacturing on the final design by Q2 of 2015 and all preorders will be filled by Q3 2015.

To tide you over for the time being, we have included some photos taken right in the lab of the technical institution of the pieces that will be inside each Casetop to illustrate the progress and work that has been completed so far.

As always, we greatly appreciate your patience, support and understanding as we continue to work on creating the Casetop. Without you, none of this would be possible. We will have more pictures to share as the project progresses and we’re excited to show what we’ve been up to!

Enjoy the pictures below!


Albert Leung
Director of Business Development and Operations
Livi Design

(Click to zoom)

You probably guessed that this is a picture of the battery and you would be correct. It weighs in at a massive 27,000 mAh at 3.7V! In contrast, the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a 1,850 mAh battery, so quite a bit!

Casetop Battery Thickness

Here is a picture of our hand-prototyped custom power board. This board runs all of the battery functions and can be programmed for power up delay, charging control, as well as status LEDs.
Also, this board will be re-made with a custom PCB but this hand assembled model works great. This board is part one of our two part custom PCBs.

Here is a picture of all the pieces, running off of battery power, hooked up and running off an iPhone; just like if it was in the Casetop. It also works with most Android phones and John even tested his own phone that day.

Casetop Parts Labelled

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